Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is crucial if your business uses any type of vehicle, from a small van to a concrete mixer. This policy provides a safety net in cases of accidents involving employees, equipment, or third parties. Get your free quote today by completing our online form or you can contact us directly for a free consultation!

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Commercial Auto 101

Like personal auto, there is a level of mandatory coverage required for vehicles used in business practices. However, there are many factors to consider when insuring your commercial vehicle. For example,

  • Do you own, lease, rent or borrow the business auto?
  • How often is your vehicle on the road?
  • Does your business involve the use of specialized vehicles like dump trucks or concrete mixers?

These are only a few questions to get you thinking about commercial auto insurance. Our commercial auto specialists will fully assess your risks and provide a cost-efficient quote that meets your needs.

What does it actually cover?

No policy is exactly same as another. In general, commercial auto insurance covers the following:

  • Bodily Injury – Bodily injury covers claims of physical injury to a third party. This can include medical expenses, legal fees, loss of income, pain and emotional damage, and funeral expenses. 
  • Property Damage – This section provides coverage for property damage (e.g. car damage) for a third party if you’re at fault in an accident. 
  • Personal Injury – This covers you and your employees and can cover medical expenses in the event of an accident.
  • Collision Coverage – You need your vehicles to work. That’s why this coverage pays for repairs or replacement vehicles if your vehicle was involved in a crash with another car, inanimate object, or a weather-induced accident. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This section covers your vehicles in cases other than collision. For example, comprehensive coverage can help repair or replace your vehicle after theft, vandalism, or weather-related damage. Some things you can’t anticipate and accidents happen, like a tree falling on your truck. This coverage is in place for these unfortunate events, but read your policy carefully for exclusions to this coverage.
What does it NOT cover?

Every policy has exclusions and it’s important to know what things that aren’t covered by your insurance policy. For example, a broken window due to theft may be covered, but a broken window due to a political riot may not be covered. Another exclusion that many people don’t consider is a family member driving the vehicle instead of the business owner or employees. 

Be sure to check what exclusions are in your policy. Please call us if you want full details or a free consultation.

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Commercial Auto FAQs

To save you the phone call, we’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions and answered them for you below.

How much does commercial auto usually cost?

Quotes can easily range from $750 – $3,000 per year. This depends on the number of vehicles, vehicle type, vehicle use, drivers, and the type of business. You can complete our online form or contact us directly for an accurate, cost-efficient quote. 

Why does vehicle ownership matter?

Insurance companies need to know which entity owns your vehicles, so that claims will not be denied. If the named insured is ABC Corporation DBA: ABC Cleaners, only ABC Cleaners will be covered. If an employee is conducting business for a different entity and uses ABC Corporation’s vehicle, then they may not be covered if they are in an accident with ABC Corporation’s vehicle.

Does commercial auto insurance cover personal use?

Yes, personal use can be covered for a business-owned vehicle under your commercial auto policy. However, you will need either enough liability coverage under your personal auto policy or the required commercial auto insurance for your personal vehicle. Please consult with our agent if you’d like a free consultation.

How much coverage does my business need?

A commercial auto policy is customized to fit the needs of your business, from small businesses to large fleet business. We recommend businesses to have a minimum of $500,000 limit, but it depends on several factors. You can contact us for a free consultation to see if you have the right coverage.

How can I lower my premium?

There are several discounts that insurance companies offer to reduce premiums. Paying in full upfront, using licensed commercial drivers, and purchasing multiple policies are a few discount programs. Other ways to save some premium yourself is to hire qualified drivers with good driving records, opting for higher deductibles, and installing safety devices such as car alarms, airbags, or GPS system.

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